Artist Jiro Osuga's Website

Flowers Gallery

The largest online selection of images by Jiro Osuga outside Planet Jiro

Ruth Borchard Collection

An article by Philip Vann on Jiro's 2013 self portrait, Crowd

Work and Days

Website of artist Alberto Ciravegna featuring some of Jiro's paintings

Museum of London

An entry on Jiro's 1998 painting Tower Block Dweller in the museum's collection


Jiro's 2007 exhibition catalogue

The Spectator

A review of Jiro's 2011 exhibition by Laura Gascoigne

NYC Gallery Openings

Video of the private view of Jiro's 2015 exhibition in New York


Website of photographer Peter Marshall with scenes from the opening of Jiro's 2009 show Cafe Jiro

Art UK

Website showing Jiro's paintings in public collections in the UK


A slide-show of Jiro's 2013 exhibition marking the launch of Planet Jiro

Travel with Wingz

A blog entry featuring Jiro's 2011 Tokyo exhibition